About TCML Media

TCML stands for TRoel's CChristian Mbeers Ljung, as the owner of the company.

I am passionate about creating good web solutions

TCML Media is a relatively newly started media agency from 2020 that strives to provide user-friendly quality solutions within web design. TCML Media also creates graphic design and smaller video productions.

Troel's Christian Møller Ljung

I have broad experience and have worked with web design since 2010. I am trained as a multimedia designer and have a master's degree in media science. So I am used to creating technological solutions combined with creativity.


I have worked with many different projects and previously worked in an advertising agency for 5 years as a web and graphic designer.

Good customer contact

I strive for relationships at eye level and to be accommodating to wishes and needs. Nothing is impossible!

Expert in WordPress

I love WordPress for its flexibility and opportunities to create exactly what the customer wants.

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