WordPress website

Get a website tailored to match your business.

A professional website is a good investment for your business

Your website design is your external face. Your visitors and potential customers assess in a few seconds whether they want to do business with you.

With a professionally thought-out WordPress website design, you can ensure that you quickly and accurately give your potential customers the best possible impression of you and your company.

Your website visitors must be invited inside. They must be able to find the information they need easily – and without spending time searching.

Bad design is costly to the bottom line

We are navigating a digital era where potential customers expect to find what they are looking for with a few quick clicks on the internet.

Few people invest time in a confusing, illogical and poorly designed website. Such a page appears untrustworthy and unprofessional. In a split second, with just one click, a visitor can leave your website and a potential sale can be lost.

The way to attract new customers and increase revenue lies in an aesthetically pleasing, clear and user-friendly website that works optimally on all devices – PC, mobile and tablet. A website where you guide visitors around with a sure hand.

Imagine your website as a physical store, where sublime customer service is essential. Clear and welcoming communication, both in design and content, builds trust, credibility and potentially increased turnover.

Responsive design - a tablet and mobile-friendly website

Modern websites must be mobile-friendly, and a responsive design is the optimal solution.

Websites and webshops that are not designed with responsive web design incur a Google penalty in the form of lower rankings in the search results.

A lower ranking on Google results in less traffic to your website, which can have negative financial consequences.

In order to achieve successful online sales and good results on Google, it is essential to have a mobile-friendly website with a responsive design.

When I design and develop your new WordPress website, it is of course responsive and adapted to all devices.

Increasing demands emphasize the need for professional advice and high-quality website design.

3 important requirements for your website design:

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In 2018, the EU introduced the new Personal Data Regulation (GDPR), which introduced stricter requirements for the protection of personal data. To meet these increased requirements, your website design must be compliant.

I offer a "GDPR Help" package that ensures your WordPress website complies with data protection legislation.

The price of my GDPR package is included in the price of a new web design. Be aware that this cost is often added to the price of other web designers, as they use an external supplier for this part.

SSL certificate

SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, provides an additional security measure for your customers. When you implement an SSL certificate on your website, all communication between your customer's browser and your website is encrypted.

If your website lacks an SSL certificate, Google will mark it as "NOT SECURE". The absence of SSL can create uncertainty for your customers and result in a loss of visits to your website.

I am available to guide you in choosing the right SSL certificate and gladly assist with correct setup.

Control security

Website attacks are an ever-increasing problem, and it is critical to have complete control over the security of your website.

In addition to the security elements of the actual design of the website, it is necessary to maintain constant updates of both the website and its plugins.

I offer various service agreements for WordPress. With such an agreement, your website is always up to date and your WordPress security is at the highest level.

Price of a professionally designed website

How much does a professional website cost? I design and develop individually adapted web solutions.

As I primarily create custom websites, I cannot give you a 100% fixed price for your project until I know your wishes. The price depends on i.a. the project's requirements and wishes for functions and challenges as well as the size of the website project.

When you get a quote from me, you always get a fixed price for your new website.

Do you need a webshop on your website?

WooCommerce is a brilliant and user-friendly WordPress webshop that can be easily integrated into your website.

With a webshop design in WooCommerce, your shop can be set up to handle everything from general sales of products and services to online courses, webinars, closed groups, booking appointments and much more.

I have extensive experience in developing professional webshops. Both for product sales and for sales and execution of events, ordering special services, etc.