Sell more with a professional webshop

Get a professional webshop that makes it possible to sell your products online. With a user-friendly and conversion-optimized webshop, you become visible to potential customers from all over the country.

A webshop solution that covers all your needs

WooCommerce webshop

37% of all webshop designs globally are developed in the popular WordPress shop system WooCommerce.

With a professional webshop design in WordPress, you get an online store that meets all requirements — regardless of whether you sell physical products, services, treatments, online courses, subscriptions or something else.

As an experienced webshop designer, I specialize in developing webshops in WooCommerce.

Do you want a nice, user-friendly and converting webshop design?

Contact me today. Together, we tailor a webshop solution that exactly matches your company's needs.

How much does a webshop cost and how does the process take place?

The price of a webshop can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, such as the number of products, design requirements, customizations, plugins and integration requirements, and how much time will be spent developing and implementing them.

Price indication

It is important to understand that the price for a webshop will depend on your specific needs and requirements, so it is always a good idea to contact me to get a more accurate estimate based on your specific requirements and wishes.

My price for a basic webshop starts from DKK 18,000 excl. VAT.

Also remember that while the price may seem higher than expected, a well-designed and efficient webshop will pay for itself over time by attracting more customers and increasing sales.

Self-employed web designer with a passion for WordPress

With extensive technical knowledge, a pedagogical approach and a keen sense of the aesthetic aspect of web design, I offer more than 15 years of experience in the field. 

I have dedicated my expertise to WordPress. If you are looking for an experienced freelance web designer to create your WordPress website or webshop, I am ready to step in.

My professional background combines the creative with the technical, which gives me a unique ability to quickly understand the possibilities and find the best solutions as a web designer.

Always available to answer questions and provide advice, I strive to build long-lasting relationships with my clients.